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Global customer success manager

Main projects

Teleport implementation project management

I have been the buisness developper at Global Telesat since 2013, since the Agreement of Global Telesat with RASCOM. My Responsibilities went towards developing the company’s Internet service providing capacity. Thus, I led a team of technicians and sales persons to setup a teleport in the company’s headquarter in Spain allowing the distribution of reliable Internet, TV and another Internet services from Spain to Africa.

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THG Marche en Famenne

During my experience with THG Marche en Famenne, I contributed to one of the most important defining strategies of THG Marche en Famenne’s history. I contributes to the transition of the company in terms of staff as well as technology.

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Satellite opportunity market research

The market research about the VNO project covers Sub-Saharan African countries. GlobalTelesat has been using it to extend their market in several countries by studying various internet possibilities like DSL, ADSL, broadband and different methods to distribute it like optical fiber, satellites, WiMAX, WIFI, 3G and 4G.

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